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We can help you only if :

  • you want to make more money

  • or you are a businessperson, sales person, try to sell something

Do business with us with

$0.00 investment, $0.00 cost & expenses

How? Scam? No!No!No!

We just help you utilize your resources, networking which you are not using.

We are doing integration of your resources and our resources.

You don't need to sell! Just help people you know who need help!

That's it! Is that easy?

Help people and make money at the same time!

  • Lifetime Commission

    It's very normal. For example, you are salesperson of one car dealer.  Customer A bought one car today and you will have some commission for that. The same customer A come back next month buy another car, you will get commission as well! 5 years later, 10 years later, you are still working for this car dealer, the same customer A come back to buy cars, you still will get commission, right? that's lifetime commission.

  • Full Industry Commission

    Consider yourself as a salesperson of every business of our club. You will get commission from full industry, all industries.

  • Three Level Commission

    It's normal as well. Think about that car dealer again. You are the salesperson, and there is one sales manager above you, and there is one sales director above your sales manager. Whenever you sell one car, you get commission, your sales manager will get some benefit, your sales director will get some benefit.

  • V-Share Commission

    For any business you brought in, for any transaction they do in our club, you will get your share. Do you feel like you have shares of this business, right?

What Our Members Says

Good or not, take a look what our current members say

This is a brilliant idea to join CIEC if you are in business and you need customers. If you don't have a business yet, you can make money by helping people. Isn't it amazing?

Olga Zarudina


Through CIEC, I have so many businesses already. I pay after they have a result. Why not? Cost me almost nothing.

Kevin O'Neil


Members of CIEC promote my team to people they know. I don't pay anything before they have results. It works like a marketing department for me.

Morning Li

Realtor Team Leader


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