You don't want to miss this

Affiliate Member

You can not imagine!

No Investment! No Cost! No Expense!

Do business with us! Do many business with us! All our business in our club is your business now!

Not only the above, you will the following as well.

Join us now!

  • Risk and Cost

    $150 Annual Membership Fee. Yes, that's it. Also you can get your $150 back if you can make any 3 transactions with any Merchant member, even $5 each transaction!

  • Lifetime Commission

    Your client will be your client for your lifetime

  • What can you lose?

    Too good to be true? What can we steal from you? We are integrate your resources and our resources! You don't need to sell. You just help whoever they need help with the recourse in our club.

  • Full Industry Commission

    You can make money from all industry, all Merchant member of the Club.

  • Three Level Commission

    You are going to make money as a sales manager or a sales director, like normal big company, as long as you have your sub affiliates.

  • V-Share Commission

    Of course you should have your share if  you bring some business to our club and once they can make money in our club.

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